Test email creative through different imagery, copy content and layouts

Marketers continue to search for mediums that accelerate the success of business.  Email marketing has rapidly become this type of cost-effective, highly productive solution.  Email enables the marketer to use a closed-loop feedback process to improve decision-making through digital analytics.

Email can also help you define drivers that justify marketing’s contribution to sales revenue.  Make sure to go beyond simple thinking and truly analyze what success means through the medium.  Open rate may be an initial metric to show delivery conversion but it does not necessarily measure contribution because the dialogue is not complete.  If the user did not click through to a campaign-specific landing page or submit personal data into a contact us form inquiry, a two-way conversation did not occur.

Compare the effectiveness of different offers and contrast the number of inquiries you received with traffic acquisition costs of the promotion.  Measure the effectiveness of the incremental value of the promotion against different lists or audiences, and understand how to anticipate one population responding versus another.

Test your email creative by using different imagery, copy content and layouts.  Learn from the differences and expect the impact of changes.  Testing subject lines is essential to getting the consumer’s attention and building trust from the moment of first impression.  Personalization is critical: it is the difference between a call to action that is lifeless and limp and one that builds comfort and confidence in your brand.

Finally, give your inquiries the ability to shop immediately through an e-commerce site and promotional code.  It will directly connect the effectiveness of your campaign to contribution to sales revenue.



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