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Four lead nurturing best practices

Lead nurturing is a powerful conversation that builds comfort and confidence between brands and prospects. The best lead generation strategies consistently convert inquiries into leads qualified through lead scoring. Here are four lead nurturing best practices that can aid your lead management process, solidify your distribution channel management strategy and define how your team is measuring marketing ROI.

1. Consistent dialogue is essential to increasing sales performance. Relevant content is more than just a message: it is the essential nutrients a prospect needs to grow a relationship with your brand. Your lead nurturing content must contain engagement solutions that amplify demand creation. Without proper dialogue, a prospect will tune out your message quickly and your lead management process in general.

2. Lead nurturing content strategy should focus on articulating your value proposition. An extended selling process necessitates patience while prospects are evaluating their marketing sales process. Your messaging must resonate to the strengths of your value proposition and how it specifically applies to the needs of the decision maker.

3. Recognize online buying signals during the lead management process. Your web analytics software must provide information on how a lead nurturing prospect interacts with your brand. Identify prospects that connect the dots between your marketing events multiple times, such as attending a webinar after an email invitation is sent. This will increase your prospect’s lead scoring rank and help determine solutions that guide your strategy in a meaningful, solution-based tone.

4. Personalization is a powerful lead management solution during the lead nurturing conversation. Using dynamic content, such as sending variable image emails that includes the prospect’s name in the image, can double landing page conversions. Add the first name of your prospect in the salutation line of the content for incremental value.

Finally, choosing the best marketing software is vital to keeping your best salesmen in front of more customers who are ready to buy. Adding a campaign management system like NitroMojo can significantly impact your return on marketing investment. Detailed reporting functionality aids the marketing measurement your executive team needs to implement an effective sales channel management strategy.

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